Hello, I am Stephen Alberts. Seems a little funny to say it like that, but, that’s how I am supposed to start this right? I have been writing blog posts for my commercial filmmaking agency, Blue Barn Creative in San Diego for a few years, but I wanted to start sharing my thoughts on the wedding films industry as well. I founded my wedding films company in 2012 and I think that a proper introduciton is in order since it’s now 2018!


I am the founder and lead videographer on my team and I film most of the weddings myself with two Canon 4K cameras. I work with an amazing video editor who really understands my vision for wedding films, as you can see in the sample films, his work is quite masterful. We work together on the films and I always do the final edits and color grading.  In general, I accept one to three weddings per month and I have two amazing little boys who make me laugh daily. And my other favorite person is my beautiful wife, Sela.

I have always loved capturing weddings since I filmed my first one about 9 years ago. I really enjoy capturing couples on their wedding day since it’s usually the one moment when they get to have all the most important people in their lives gathered to celebrate and honor their relationship. There is so much love and connection going around that it ends up being a really fulfilling experience for me to film. I preserve the moment for them and remind them how special it is with the films we create. And it’s a chance for me to explore the art of storytelling and cinematography. Win win!


If I were to give advice for anyone looking to hire a videographer, make sure to watch their samples! Watch for the things the filmmaker focuses on and how they tell stories. Not everyone films in the same way, so if you “feel” their films, then chances are good that you will really resonate with the choices they make behind the camera. For me, a pretty image is not enough. A pretty image that was captured during a moment that reveals love and connection between other human beings is more special. A good videographer knows how to capture light beautifully but also knows how to shoot with good intentions, meaning that he or she always remembers that the wedding is about the bride and groom, and their story. It’s not about the videographer’s pretty shots. It’s not about how cool the composition is. I will do an upcoming post about the art of being descreet while filming, since I feel that this is seriously important to the overall experience of everyone involved on the wedding day.


Aaaand since you are still reading, the best advice I ever can give couples for their wedding day is to slow down, relax, and enjoy the people around them. The details can be handled by others. The planning is done so let everyone else do the stressful stuff. Just be present and enjoy! I guarantee that you won’t see everything that goes on, you won’t get to spend all the time you wished for with all the amazing people that came to your wedding, and you won’t even remember the entire experience. Which is why you hired a professional filmmaker in the first place. The film you get will jog your memories, it will remind you and everyone else of how truly amazing your wedding day was. And if I’ve done my job right, I’ve preserved a little bit of that love and connection for eternity. The only thing to do is be your best self, enjoy your people, and celebrate!

One last thing. Never hesitate to ask questions! Chances are, most of us have never planned a wedding before and there are many things you may not know the answer to.  And that’s OK, I like it when people ask me about my services and the way I film their wedding day. Also, I was a philosophy major in college so if you get me talking about my approach, my vision, or my gear, I may carry on and on. At least that’s what my wife says. And she is always right 🙂