Stephen Alberts

Stephen Alberts

Founder / Lead Videographer

Stephen Alberts is a 5-time Emmy Award winning videographer and editor who founded the company in 2012. With experience in broadcast television, corporate video marketing, as well as weddings, he is known for creating beautiful, cinematic films. All the members of the filmmaking crew have been carefully selected over years of working together in video production here in San Diego. They are talented, award winning filmmakers and they have developed a distinct narrative style that is unsurpassed!

“Our philosophy is that wedding films are works of art and documentary filmmaking is the best way to preserve this important moment.”

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In 2009, Stephen co-founded a commercial video production company, Blue Barn Creative. With his business partners, they set out to create the premier filmmaking company in San Diego. All the content they produce is based upon strong storytelling, concepts, and design. Together, they have won 7 Emmy Awards and a San Diego Film Award and continue to raise the level of video production for every client they work with.

“I cannot thank Stephen again for his craftsmanship and skill.”

Brian A.

San Diego, CA

“After seeing samples of his work, my husband and I knew that we could trust Stephen to just ‘do his thing’.”

Csilla L.

San Diego, CA

“If you need a videographer, don’t look anywhere else, don’t second guess, don’t go with anyone else. Stephen is it! I would recommend him to EVERYONE.”

Jen D.

Settle, WA


Stephen’s camera of choice is the Canon 1DX MarkII. It is a seriously powerful image making tool that films in 4K, captures rich and intense colors, yet is light enough to go anywhere. Having a smaller camera kit enables him to move around quickly and film like a ghost. Most couples forget he is in the room!

To compliment his main camera during the ceremony, he uses Canon C100 Cinema Cameras, which are also excellent filmmaking cameras. All cameras are simply tools to capture light, emotion, and story, but it is the camera operator who makes the critical decisions about what to capture and when. By choosing professional grade tools, Stephen is able to translate what he sees with his eye into the vision he has for the film.

Canon 1DX Mark II